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Also known as the Gleaming City, Silver Scale is a veritable metropolis situated at the base of two large mountain peaks. The mountain range is impassable except by flight, and a river flows from between the peaks through the city, and continues through the valley.

The city began as the stronghold of a catastrophic ice dragon named <<dragon name>>, who ruled the mountain and surrounding region as a cruel tyrant over 200 years ago. Numerous human, dwarf, and kobold servants and slaves toiled  in the stronghold, producing weapons and armor for <<dragon name>>'s army of elementals, archons, and demons.

Tired of this tyrrany, the Silver Wyrm <<silver dragon>> challenged <<dragon name>> for power. He claimed <<dragon name>> had no right to oppress the peoples of the region, and that his iron rule was over. After a titanic battle, <<dragon name>> was slain and <<silver>> banished his army to the plane from whence they came. He liberated the human, dwarf, and kobold slaves, and a city was built up around the stronghold, under the protection and watchful eye of the Silver Wyrm.

200 years later, Silver Scale is still overseen by this great and benevolent dragon, and the city prospers. Its population of 50,000 is made up primarily of humans, dwarves, and kobolds; descendants of the original slaves. Once word of the city spread, many of the scattered Dragonborn families flocked to the Gleaming City to begin life anew in a safe, stable location. A small minority of Drow inhabit the city, also descendants from the few Drow slaves that <<dragon name>> kept. Various elf, eladrin, and all maner of other races live in the city as immigrants and newcomers.

Silver Scale is regarded as a Utopia by many, its law fair and its rulers just. Tolerence is preached by all officials, and the city is home to many beautiful temples to the various gods, (chief among them Bahamut, of course). Although disliked, one or two temples to the evil gods are allowed to operate in the city, though membership to them is seen as a social taboo. No longer seen as mindless monsters, the kobolds of the city are well respected and get along well with the rest of the population. Several key political positions are held by kobolds. Several citizens were also once considered "monsters", but the progressive attitude of the of the populace has given a few hobgoblins, orcs, minotaurs, and bugbears the chance to live peacefully in the city. Of course this policy has its detractors, and this racism runs deep through some parts of the city and government (mostly by dwarves). Anyone who can demonstrate a willingness to abide by the laws is allowed to enter the city.

<<silver>> serves as head of the City Council, made up of representatives from each branch of the government, region of the city, and main industries. Polymorphed into the shape of an old, powerful looking man in polished silver armor, he inspires confidence and pride in all who look upon him. He rarely takes his draconic form in public, usualy only once per year on the aniversary of the city's founding. The other members of the council are Zyza, [Binwin Ironpick, Captain Arkisa, and Reginald Visman, among others.

The weather around the city is snowy and cold for the majority of the year, being situated so close to the frigid mountains. This is also party caused by the enviromental diffusion that resulted in the death of <<dragon>>. Winters are bitterly cold, and summers are cool by comparison. <<dragon>> was slain inbetween the large mountain peaks, several miles from the edge of town. The diffusion gets progressivly worse the close you get to <<dragon>>'s corpse, which is said to still lay frozen under hundreds of feet of snow and ice. Concerns have been raised at the possibility of someone raising the catastrophic dragon as an undead abomination, but those fears have been put to rest under the assurance of <<silver>> and Zyza.

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